To impart hope and healing and to increase health and happiness to every married couple. We help to make marriages better.

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3S Donations


Plenty of preperation goes intp 3S Ministries’ retreats and seminars. All of our materials are highly customized so that they will appeal to a variety of audiences but is costly to maintain. We appreciate any donation to help us grow this ministry, maintain our level of excellence and continue to impact marriages for years to come.



3S Military & First Responders


Troubled relationships at home are a major factor of military and first responder suicide and substance abuse problems. 3S Ministries works with military and first responder chaplains to improve the health and happiness of marriages through Make Room For Marriage workshops.


3S Retreats


Most retreats are primarily content driven but our retreats are not to inform you. We want to equip you with insights and tools to strengthen any marriage. You will leave with a better understanding of yourself and your spouse and an increased joy and intimacy in your marriage.


3S Seminars


Jeff and Martha Rees have become mobile with their 3S Ministry presentations. They have traveled across town, across the country, and across the world to conduct conferences and seminars that encourage healthy relationships. Their focus is to provide teaching and experiences that will enhance relational health.



Who We Are:

3S Ministries provides educational experiences for married couples to help them think, discover, and practice behaviors that will renew, refresh, and restore vitality and intimacy in marriages.

Our Conviction:

Because we believe all marriages experience struggles and difficulties, we also believe every couple should work on improving the health and happiness of their marriage. Therefore, investing in our marriage should be a priority. Investing in one’s marriage honors our spouse and honors God.

Because of that value and our desire to honor our spouse and God, 3S Ministries provides an experience to make marriages better.

What Does 3S Ministries do?

  • We address how people think. We all have the propensity to think a certain way. In many cases, we simply have blinders on or possess a kind of tunnel vision that hinders us from seeing other perspectives and a “fuller, bigger picture.”
  • We provide a multitude of tools and techniques that contribute to the health and vitality of marriages. We provide this through a presentation, media, reflection, and various experiential activities.
  • Regardless of the state of marriage, on the verge of divorce or classified as “good and dandy,” the 3S Ministries Retreat will be meaningful and helpful to every couple. Investing in one’s marriage should be a priority of every couple.

Check out Jeff & Martha’s blog for their insights & news!



Letter From Congressman Peter Olson


3S Ministries has been endorsed in their efforts to strengthen military marriages by Congressman Pete Olson.


“Having served in the Navy for nine years and have being deployed, I am able to empathize with the hardships that come to families and marriages during military service. I encourage and support all military couples to become involved in 3S Ministries marriage workshops and retreats!”