Did you marry Wonder Woman?

Did you marry Wonder Woman?

Guys, did you marry Wonder Woman?


This past week Warner Bros. Pictures released its superhero film Wonder Woman. I’ll leave you to your own research regarding Diana Prince’s background, AKA Wonder Woman. The summary of the film’s character includes this line; “Diana leaves her home for the first time. Fighting alongside men in a war to end all wars, she finally discovers her full powers and true destiny.”


She leaves her home, fights alongside her partner, and discovers her powers and destiny. Yes, you did marry Wonder Woman. In some respects, this is the story of every married woman. She leaves a state of being to be with you. Your bride then suits up for battle every day with work, kids, domestic challenges, and she navigates the currents of life with you. She has power of influence, a dynamic that ebbs and flows in the contours of marital union. She is destined to have impact.


Fires are stoked to increase the warmth. Surfboards are waxed, and baseball gloves are leathered up for maximum effect. Golf clubs receive new grips, and axes are sharpened to produce more confidence in the swing. Men, we do these things because we care about performance. Are you contributing to the wonder of your woman? Special attention and your unique touch that expresses interest and tenderness will support your bride’s destiny and her ability to blossom and thrive.


What have you done for her lately? I wonder.


Jeff Rees


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