Our goal at Three Strands Marriage Retreat is to provide a unique, experiential retreat weekend, unlike anything else you may have experienced before. We do not just inform you, but equip you with insights and tools that will impact your relationship immediately. We spend a lot of time preparing many activities and lectures that are customized and will appeal to all different couples. Quality is costly to maintain, but it is a high priority for our team. We appreciate any donation to help us grow this ministry, maintain our level of excellence and continue to impact marriages for years to come.

If you are a Three Strands Alumni, we would love to see you again and welcome you to donate your time. Please look over our needs below, and let us know if you would like to help to contribute or serve on an upcoming weekend.

Will You Help?

The mission of 3S Ministries is to impart hope and healing and to increase health and happiness to every married Christian couple. We provide educational experiences for married couples to help them think, discover, and practice behaviors that will renew, refresh, and restore vitality and intimacy in marriages.

At Three Strands, we believe all marriages experience struggles and difficulties. We also believe every couple should work on improving the health and happiness of their marriage. Therefore, investing in our marriage should be a priority. Investing in one’s marriage honors our spouse and honors God.

As we continue to grow 3S Ministries, we would like to ask our participants that have completed a Three Strands weekend, to help us support this ministry. We are asking for your help to make a difference for couples attending a future 3S retreat experience.


Following are some examples of donation levels:

$ 5 Printing and production costs.

$ 10 Snacks & drinks for the weekend.

$ 20 Rose petals & final ceremony costs.

$ 100 The Friday Evening Meal.

$ 180 Love language devotional books.

$ 500 Sponsors a couple for the weekend.