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There’s a lot of hurt in these homes. Time Magazine reports the greatest benefactor of a healthy marriage might be the children. “Children from broken or dysfunctional homes are more likely to drop out of school, more likely to take drugs, more likely to go to prison, more likely to be poor, and more likely to divorce.” (June 13, 2016)


We can help.


Make Room For Marriage workshops are conducted in specific first responder departments, as requested by leadership, or offered county wide. Military chaplains also request Make Room For Marriage workshops to be facilitated on their military bases.

Some of the largest Police and Fire Departments across the country report a divorce rate over 80% with their employees.


Divorce rate for active military is over 70%.

Workshop Donations

Workshop participants are fed two meals, win nice door prizes, and given “goodie bags” that consist of marriage enrichment material and restaurant gift cards for date nights. Your financial gift provides scholarships for these couples.


We appreciate your faithful and regular giving.


Sponsorships: All donors, business and individuals, who contribute $1000 or more will be listed on the sponsor section of 3S Ministries website and recognized during each military workshop.

Create Stronger Marriages

We work with chaplains and department leadership to schedule Make Room For Marriage workshops all over the country. We are able to provide these workshops because scholarships are provided by generous donors.


Much of the material presented at a Make Room For Marriage workshop is modified from our three-day retreat experience. Of course, supplemental elements have been included to address the unique lifestyle, pace, and situations of first responder and military life.


If you would like to support our care for military and first responder families or if your company or organization would like to become a corporate sponsor of these marriage enrichment workshops, click the button below to donate.

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Dr. Jeff and Martha Rees

Military Donation Levels


Private/Seaman/Airman – 500

Staff Sergeant/Petty Officer – 1000

Lieutenant – 2500

Captain – 3500

General/Admiral – 5000


Enroll in active duty and fight for our military families. Care for those who care for us and become a monthly contributor!

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Letter From Congressman Peter Olson

3S Ministries has been endorsed in their efforts to strengthen military marriages by Congressman Pete Olson.


“Having served in the Navy for nine years and have being deployed, I am able to empathize with the hardships that come to families and marriages during military service. I encourage and support all military couples to become involved in 3S Ministries marriage workshops and retreats!”